What is a Respire Coach?
Breathing is beneficial for living at the bare minimum. But what if you could alleviate stress, pain, anxiety and anger by proper breathing?

Breathe also provides:

Doula Services,    
Pain Management,
Kidney Stones and Stool passing.

Decorate Your Home with Birdie's custom inspirational designs. Inspired by inner peace.

  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Shower Curtains
  • Towels

They are available as a collection in the BirdBam Shop.


Breathe... is a Movement.
Wear and workout with out inspirational clothing and relaxation tools.   

  • Yoga Mats
  • Tote Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Inspirational Tees
  • Light Worker Tees

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  • Event Hosting
  • Keynote Speaking Engagements
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Corporate Events
  • Parenting, PTA & School Events